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Kindness Wave on the move!

Hello Everyone! We here at The Kindness Wave want to let you know we are working on bringing you an interactive website where we can share kindness together all around the world. Stay tuned! Lots to follow!

Everyday Kindness – Many Colors

Kindness does not depends on whom it encounters. It gives freely to anyone and everyone. The world will be a better place when each of us puts on the coat of kindness. It is a coat of many colors and with it comes peace and happiness!

Everyday Kindness – Go the extra mile!

We have the opportunity everyday to make a difference. When we walk in a pay it forward kind of way something magical happens. Wonderful things begin to come together like the beautiful butterflies in this photo. Will you go the extra mile today?

Everyday Kindness- From the heart

Everyday Kindness begins in the heart. What is the state of your heart? Does kindness spill over into your daily walk? Will you do your part to cultivate more kindness each day? Everyday Kindness matters! Share some today!

Everyday Kindness – Yours can heal the world

Everyday Kindness matters and yours can make all the difference. Will you join us here at The Kindness Wave and do at least one kind act everyday?

Kindness is Beautiful

Phyllis Gallant’s home was part of a Volunteers of America of Florida project on Wednesday. 18 strangers volunteered their time and made a real difference. Phyllis, a World War II Navy veteran, lost her husband and helper eight years ago. Since then, Phyllis 87, has been unable to keep up with everything. Gratitude for the kindness shared filled her heart while she watched her battered home being repaired. Read more.

Everyday Kindness – Around the World!

The Kindness Wave wishes to inspire Everyday Kindness all around the world. Will you join us?