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Julian’s Story


Last May 2013 Julian was diagnosed with a type of limb girdle muscular dystrophy called Sarcoglycan deficiency. Although it has led to a lot of difficulties, Julian is keeping a positive attitude. Yet, one of those difficulties was in his own home. He and his mom were living in a townhome and Julian could no longer make it up and down the stairs.

The time had come for them to move and his mom became full of anxiety at the cost of an unexpected move. When The Kindness Wave team became aware of their need they sprang into action. The team began to help in the search for just the right home and a check was given to the new landlord to make it possible for them to move into their new lake home. Kind acts make a difference, just ask Julian and his mom!

Random Acts Of Kindness Week


Join us by participating in Random Acts Of Kindness Week

~ February 11-17, 2013

Do at least one kind act a day and tell us about it on our facebook page.

Everyday Kindness – Go the extra mile!

We have the opportunity everyday to make a difference. When we walk in a pay it forward kind of way something magical happens. Wonderful things begin to come together like the beautiful butterflies in this photo. Will you go the extra mile today?

Everyday Kindness – Ripple effect

Did you know doing one simple act of kindness everyday can create a wonderful ripple effect? Walking in an attitude of kindness everyday can make all the difference in the world! Start a Ripple…Create a Wave! It begins with YOU!

Everyday Kindness Matters!

Kindness is a choice. Choose to be kind everyday!

Kindness on the move!

Volunteers out and about with Summer Grunge program

If you see some random acts of kindness Thursday, it’s probably due to the volunteers at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Austin.

The church’s annual Summer Grunge program is back this week, only the volunteers are a little more focused on work this year.

“This year we’ve decided that we want to focus more on the work,” said Marcia Pedersen. “We’ve kind of cut back on our fun and games.”

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