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Easter Hope


In his loving kindness he gave his life that we may live. He is risen!

Happy Easter from The Kindness Wave!

Everyday Kindness – Many Colors

Kindness does not depends on whom it encounters. It gives freely to anyone and everyone. The world will be a better place when each of us puts on the coat of kindness. It is a coat of many colors and with it comes peace and happiness!

Everyday Kindness – Yours can heal the world

Everyday Kindness matters and yours can make all the difference. Will you join us here at The Kindness Wave and do at least one kind act everyday?

Everyday Kindness – Around the World!

The Kindness Wave wishes to inspire Everyday Kindness all around the world. Will you join us?

Everyday Kindness – Ripple effect

Did you know doing one simple act of kindness everyday can create a wonderful ripple effect? Walking in an attitude of kindness everyday can make all the difference in the world! Start a Ripple…Create a Wave! It begins with YOU!

Community rallies in kindness

Lloyd Brooks, an army veteran and amputee, hadn’t smiled in weeks. Last month his tricycle was stolen, leaving him basically confined to his home and without a new prosthesis specially designed for the trike. When Brooks’ story appeared in the Tampa Bay Times the community responded with great kindness through an outpouring of donations, fulfilling Brooks “pipe dream.”  Read more

Everyday Kindness – Smile at strangers

Share some Everyday Kindness. Smile at strangers when they make eye contact. You may never know just how much of a difference it could make!