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Everyday Kindness – Keep Your Eyes Open

Did you know…that whether you are the giver, the receiver or  the observer of an act of kindness — you reap tremendous benefits to your  health?

Too often we are so busy in our own lives that we fail to see others who could use our help. However, if we choose to keep our eyes open to discover ways to help others in need some amazing can happen for both us and receiver.

One of the most fascinating research findings to come out in recent years is  that whenever a simple act of kindness is extended by a human being towards  another, it results in a significant improvement in the functioning of the  immune system and increased production of serotonin in both the recipient of the  kindness as well as in the person extending the kindness.

The benefits of kindness are not limited to immune system strengthening and  serotonin production.  Research has shown that those who routinely engage in  acts of kindness, such as volunteers, experience alleviation of stress, chronic  pain, and even insomnia.

So if you are looking to improve your life, look to find the opportunities to serve others in kindness. Are your eyes open today?