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Kindness Ambassadors

Kindness Ambassadors-  Promoting Everyday Kindness

Kindness Ambassadors- Promoting Everyday Kindness

Think the world needs more Kindness? Join us and become a Kindness Ambassador Today!

If you answered “Yes” then we’d like you to consider becoming a volunteer in our Kindness Ambassador Campaign!

Kindness Ambassadors are the front-line face of our campaign in their respective communities, and will ultimately be a major driving force behind making this dream of seeing Everyday Acts of Kindness become a reality.

Kindness Ambassadors are dedicated volunteers who actively seek opportunities to spread the The Kindness Wave message in their communities, businesses, schools and everywhere. There’s no better way to spread the word about the work of The Kindness Wave than by word of mouth.

All Kindness Ambassadors will receive an official Kindness Wave Ambassador certificate, free shipping on all kindness card and token purchases and entry in our Kindness Ambassadors monthly awards showcase.

If you are interested in joining this special team of volunteers

visit the contact us page and let us know.

‘This is what I was made for!’ 5 friends travel the country, spread kindness to strangers-Durrell Dawson TODAY

Twenty-year-old Alex Radelich started the project while in his first semester at Purdue University in Indiana. He dropped out to pursue ARK Project Now full time.

Twenty-year-old Alex Radelich started the project while in his first semester at Purdue University in Indiana. He dropped out to pursue ARK Project Now full time.

Five friends are hitting the streets this summer, spreading acts of random kindness to strangers around the country through a nonprofit organization called ARK Project Now.

They’ve traveled 6,000 miles in an RV doing simple acts with the mission of creating an epidemic of kindness.

“Kindness communicates value so no matter how large or small an act, it communicates value with people,” said Ted Thatcher, one of the friends who helped start the project.

Thanks to a $10,000 grant from Kind Snacks, the guys have left care packages for homeless people, bought coffee for strangers, and visited the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha to cook dinner for families staying in long-term housing. READ MORE

Easter Hope


In his loving kindness he gave his life that we may live. He is risen!

Happy Easter from The Kindness Wave!

Kindness Wave Update 11/20/12

Hello Kindness Wave Friends! Lots to report today. Our Facebook page has grow to over 23,800 likes and many more countries have joined us including Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Malaysia, South Korea, Spain, Australia, United Arab Emirates, France and Hong Kong.

Our Indiegogo campaign is currently on page 5 out of 291 pages in the Community category. So far we have had 28 funders and 41 comments. We have 30 days remaining in the campaign with high hopes of reaching our goal. We are excited to be working on bringing more kindness to the world and we need your help. Visit our campaign at The Kindness Wave. Leave us a comment and a contribution if you can. Don’t forget to share it with friends and family as well.

Continue to stay-tuned for updates as we grow! And go be kind everyday!

Everyday Kindness – Keep Your Eyes Open

Did you know…that whether you are the giver, the receiver or  the observer of an act of kindness — you reap tremendous benefits to your  health?

Too often we are so busy in our own lives that we fail to see others who could use our help. However, if we choose to keep our eyes open to discover ways to help others in need some amazing can happen for both us and receiver.

One of the most fascinating research findings to come out in recent years is  that whenever a simple act of kindness is extended by a human being towards  another, it results in a significant improvement in the functioning of the  immune system and increased production of serotonin in both the recipient of the  kindness as well as in the person extending the kindness.

The benefits of kindness are not limited to immune system strengthening and  serotonin production.  Research has shown that those who routinely engage in  acts of kindness, such as volunteers, experience alleviation of stress, chronic  pain, and even insomnia.

So if you are looking to improve your life, look to find the opportunities to serve others in kindness. Are your eyes open today?




Everyday Kindness – Kind Attitude

Do you dream of the world being a happier place? If you do, know that you can be a part of it by developing your kind attitude. Sharing a little bit of kindness everyday makes the world a happier place. Each kind act sends a ripple forward that is unending. Will you begin developing your kind attitude today?

Start a ripple… Create a wave. It begins with YOU!