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Everyday Kindness- From the heart

Everyday Kindness begins in the heart. What is the state of your heart? Does kindness spill over into your daily walk? Will you do your part to cultivate more kindness each day? Everyday Kindness matters! Share some today!

Everyday Kindness – Yours can heal the world

Everyday Kindness matters and yours can make all the difference. Will you join us here at The Kindness Wave and do at least one kind act everyday?

Everyday Kindness – Around the World!

The Kindness Wave wishes to inspire Everyday Kindness all around the world. Will you join us?

Everyday Kindness – Ripple effect

Did you know doing one simple act of kindness everyday can create a wonderful ripple effect? Walking in an attitude of kindness everyday can make all the difference in the world! Start a Ripple…Create a Wave! It begins with YOU!

Everyday Kindness helps hurting people

Every day we walk by hurting people and smiling at them may make all the difference in their day. Will you take the time to smile at everyone you pass today?

Everyday Kindness – Smile at strangers

Share some Everyday Kindness. Smile at strangers when they make eye contact. You may never know just how much of a difference it could make!


Everyday Kindness Matters!

Kindness is a choice. Choose to be kind everyday!