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24 Random Acts Of Kindness

A Kindness Ambassador in action!

Easter Hope


In his loving kindness he gave his life that we may live. He is risen!

Happy Easter from The Kindness Wave!

Everday Kindness – Roots In All Directions

Everyday Kindness Matters and one small act of kindness leads to another and another and another. The ripple effect is never ending. Think of that, just one small act a day can create roots in all directions. Will you consider doing one small act a day to help change the world? Everyday Kindness matters and YOU matter. Start a Ripple…Creat a Wave. It Begins with YOU!

Everyday Kindness – Many Colors

Kindness does not depends on whom it encounters. It gives freely to anyone and everyone. The world will be a better place when each of us puts on the coat of kindness. It is a coat of many colors and with it comes peace and happiness!

Everyday Kindness – Cultivate some today!

It takes genuine effort to be truly kind. Kindness must be cultivated with action. Our charitable deeds should not be to impress people, but out of true concern for others. Your kindness can be healing to a wounded heart. Share some kindness today!

Everyday Kindness – Wave at children

Our world is filled with difficulty and children are our future. Take the time to wave back at children that wave at you. It will help teach them that there is kindness in the world. Every kind act matters. Start a Ripple…Create a Wave! It begins with YOU!

Everyday Kindness – Go the extra mile!

We have the opportunity everyday to make a difference. When we walk in a pay it forward kind of way something magical happens. Wonderful things begin to come together like the beautiful butterflies in this photo. Will you go the extra mile today?