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Easter Hope


In his loving kindness he gave his life that we may live. He is risen!

Happy Easter from The Kindness Wave!

Kindness Wave Update 12/27/12


Hello Kindness Wave Friends. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. We are pleased to announce we now have over 47,000 likes on our Facebook page and lots of interaction. In January we will be advocating for a Kindness Day in the city of Seminole and St. Petersburg. We will then move to having one for Pinellas county, then the state of Florida and ultimately the United States. We believe it is time to truly recognize the power of kindness in a big way. We hope you will join us.

Keep The Christmas Spirit Of Kindness Going All Year Long

imagesCAICJ5YNDuring the holiday season we become more aware of all the people and organizations that need our help. They appeal to the compassion, generosity and kindness that is in all of us. Now that it has been awakened, why don’t we try to keep that spirit going all year long! Merry Christmas everyone!

Kindness Wave Update 11/20/12

Hello Kindness Wave Friends! Lots to report today. Our Facebook page has grow to over 23,800 likes and many more countries have joined us including Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Malaysia, South Korea, Spain, Australia, United Arab Emirates, France and Hong Kong.

Our Indiegogo campaign is currently on page 5 out of 291 pages in the Community category. So far we have had 28 funders and 41 comments. We have 30 days remaining in the campaign with high hopes of reaching our goal. We are excited to be working on bringing more kindness to the world and we need your help. Visit our campaign at The Kindness Wave. Leave us a comment and a contribution if you can. Don’t forget to share it with friends and family as well.

Continue to stay-tuned for updates as we grow! And go be kind everyday!

Everday Kindness – World in Need!

We’re sure you have noticed, this world of ours is in need of kindness. On any given day you have probably walked down the street past a number of people who do not even take the time to look at you let alone smile. Our busy schedules, the pull of cell phones and ipads, financial pressures and on and on makes so many of us less than mindful of others all around us. The need for everyday kindness is loud and clear and we intend to do something about it. Will you join us? Visit our campaign at The Kindness Wave You will be helping us greatly in our mission to awaken everyday kindness. Thanks for you support!

Facebook Update October 21, 2012

Here we grow again! We now have over 6,600 likes from around the world on Facebook and climbing fast. Some of the countries that have joined us, including the United States, are Pakistan, Nepal, Indonesia, Bangledesh, Egypt, Philippines, and India just to name a few. The Kindness Wave is excited to be a part of such wonderful growth and we look forward to continued growth in the coming days and months!

Facebook Update October 14, 2012

The Kindness Wave is on the move for sure! We now have over 1,500 likes in Facebook and climbing! We are so very grateful for the response we’ve had so far and we are just getting started! The more we can get the word out the more kindness fills the world. A wave is coming…stay tuned!