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Julian’s Story


Last May 2013 Julian was diagnosed with a type of limb girdle muscular dystrophy called Sarcoglycan deficiency. Although it has led to a lot of difficulties, Julian is keeping a positive attitude. Yet, one of those difficulties was in his own home. He and his mom were living in a townhome and Julian could no longer make it up and down the stairs.

The time had come for them to move and his mom became full of anxiety at the cost of an unexpected move. When The Kindness Wave team became aware of their need they sprang into action. The team began to help in the search for just the right home and a check was given to the new landlord to make it possible for them to move into their new lake home. Kind acts make a difference, just ask Julian and his mom!

24 Random Acts Of Kindness

A Kindness Ambassador in action!

Random Acts Of Kindness Week


Join us by participating in Random Acts Of Kindness Week

~ February 11-17, 2013

Do at least one kind act a day and tell us about it on our facebook page.

Everyday Kindness – Makes Life Bearable

Kindness makes life bearable-page1This world isn’t getting any easier to live in, is it? The kindness we show to others makes life bearable and kindness ripples forward forever. When we give it, we can know it will return to us. Share some today!

Keep The Christmas Spirit Of Kindness Going All Year Long

imagesCAICJ5YNDuring the holiday season we become more aware of all the people and organizations that need our help. They appeal to the compassion, generosity and kindness that is in all of us. Now that it has been awakened, why don’t we try to keep that spirit going all year long! Merry Christmas everyone!

Everyday Kindness – Practicing Kindness

Practice kindness

Have you ever watch someone do something kind for someone else? I’m sure you have and when you did, didn’t it make you feel like doing something kind too? When an act of kindness is done it benefits the giver, the receiver and the observer. Just think how different the world would be if each one of us practiced kindness everyday! All of us here at The Kindness Wave invite you to join us! Let’s all wake up everyday with the intention of practicing kindness.

Everyday Kindness – Understanding


When you are kind you choose to put others in place of yourself. The Spirit of Kindness flows from love for our fellow man. Remember, no one is perfect. That is why understanding is so important. Being kind and compassionate allows us to better understand others. It is through understanding them that we grow ourselves. Are you interested in growing yourself? If so, choose to put others first everyday!