Everyday Kindness – Kind Attitude

Do you dream of the world being a happier place? If you do, know that you can be a part of it by developing your kind attitude. Sharing a little bit of kindness everyday makes the world a happier place. Each kind act sends a ripple forward that is unending. Will you begin developing your kind attitude today?

Start a ripple… Create a wave. It begins with YOU!

3 responses to “Everyday Kindness – Kind Attitude

  1. Being a veteren, I belived in the cause for freedom.
    As a person I believe in the cause of Kindness, and creating a loving Wave. SSG. Wm. Kaborycha, U.S. Army, USAR.,USANG.

  2. You are so welcome. Now in a time when once again we can concentrate on what we need to do at home, let us all veterens, father’s, wives, and mother’s, etc. work on a cause we can all agree on, – KINDNESS. Bill.

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