Wave News – Kindness During Sandy Disaster

Disaster can often bring out the worst and the best in people. There has been a lot of devastation brought on by Hurricane Sandy and many people are suffering. One thing is certain, the kindness of others in desperately needed at this time and it is being found everywhere.

Several days ago, Newark Mayor Corey Booker tweeted, “Police have reported ZERO looting or crimes of opportunity in Newark. And ceaseless reports of acts of kindness abound everywhere.”

Reports of acts of kindness are showing up all over the place and although there is still a lot of people in great need these acts are making a real difference. Is there something you can do to help? There will be relief efforts going on in the coming days and you can tune into those. You can make a donation to the Red Cross as they have been responding to the needs already. Or you can simply remeber that everyday kindness matters and share some today!

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