Monthly Archives: October 2012

Facebook Update October 28, 2012

Growth continues and The Wave is building on our Facebook page. As of today we have over 12, 500 likes and the numbers just keep climbing. The response tells us everyone wishes to see more kindness in the world. Join us for a wonderful ride on The Kindness Wave!!

Everyday Kindness – Take The Time To Say You Care

When is the last time you told a friend or loved one you care? Taking the time to share kindness with others makes a real difference in their lives. Just think about how you felt the last time you had someone look you in the eye and tell you they care. Will you make it a point to share some kindness today?

Facebook Update October 21, 2012

Here we grow again! We now have over 6,600 likes from around the world on Facebook and climbing fast. Some of the countries that have joined us, including the United States, are Pakistan, Nepal, Indonesia, Bangledesh, Egypt, Philippines, and India just to name a few. The Kindness Wave is excited to be a part of such wonderful growth and we look forward to continued growth in the coming days and months!

Everday Kindness – Roots In All Directions

Everyday Kindness Matters and one small act of kindness leads to another and another and another. The ripple effect is never ending. Think of that, just one small act a day can create roots in all directions. Will you consider doing one small act a day to help change the world? Everyday Kindness matters and YOU matter. Start a Ripple…Creat a Wave. It Begins with YOU!

Everyday Kindness – One Kind Deed Leads To Another

Do you believe everyday kindness matters? Just imagine if each of us did at least one kind thing a day, the ripple effect would be endless. It’s true, one kind deed leads to another. Our world needs more kindness. Our world needs YOU! Will you join us in everyday kindness?

Everyday Kindness – Light A Fire In Another’s Heart

Everyday Kindness matters and we are our brother’s keeper, don’t you think? When you share your kindness with someone in need it activates something positive inside them, it’s a proven fact. Just think, you can make a real difference in someone else’s life by being kind and reaching out to help. Will you?

Facebook Update October 14, 2012

The Kindness Wave is on the move for sure! We now have over 1,500 likes in Facebook and climbing! We are so very grateful for the response we’ve had so far and we are just getting started! The more we can get the word out the more kindness fills the world. A wave is coming…stay tuned!