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Occupy Kindness: Community Saves Single Mom’s Home

Rain Burroughs, of Richmond Virginia, was in foreclosure and about to lose her home. Rain, a single mom, was always helping someone else whenever she encountered a need. Now  she and her daughter were in great need so her friends set up a media blitz to help her save their home. Strangers from around the world came together in a matter of days to collect everything Rain needed to stop the foreclosure. Click here to read more-

The Kindness of Strangers Tipped Promise

John “Captain Jay” Burki and his companion Dreamer were without their home, a boat named Promise. It was grounded after Tropical Storm Debby came through the area in June. To make matters worse the city was fining him $93 a day and threatened to hack up his home if it wasn’t off the beach by Aug. 1. Over 40 strangers showed up to beat the tide and brave the lighting from an approaching storm to free the boat. The kindness shared changed everything.

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Everyday Kindness

We here at The Kindness Wave are strong supporters of Everyday Acts of Kindness. We will be posting ideas to encourage kindness everyday, everywhere. Will you join us? Do a kind act today!