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Dog’s tragic journey inspires human kindness

Wondering if there is any human kindness left in the world? Kairle Wright will tell you there is for sure! She suffered a terrible loss and in it she found faith in humans and the spirit of kindness. If you have every suffered a loss or thought kindness no longer exists, then you’ve got to read this story.-

Kindness on the move!

Volunteers out and about with Summer Grunge program

If you see some random acts of kindness Thursday, it’s probably due to the volunteers at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Austin.

The church’s annual Summer Grunge program is back this week, only the volunteers are a little more focused on work this year.

“This year we’ve decided that we want to focus more on the work,” said Marcia Pedersen. “We’ve kind of cut back on our fun and games.”

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